Project Details

AGENT-Based Systems

Agent Based Systems (ABS) are software systems designed to act flexible and autonomous in known and unknown environments in order to achieve defined goals. Beyond the object-based paradigm they are capable to:

  • React flexible on changing environmental conditions and thus remain robust under unforeseeable environmental conditions
  • Interact with their environment, including communicating with other agents in a Multi-Agent System
  • Find own solutions to obtain a defined aim
  • Collaborate and cooperate to achieve common and individual goals, including negotiating
  • Capable to learn from similar situations in order to develop acting strategies

For more details about software agents and agent-based systems please refer to:

Agent-based paradigm and Object Based Image Analysis

By incorporating the agent-based paradigm with OBIA, we expect OBIA to become more flexible and robust when analysing similar but varying image data. This way, we would increase the automation of analysing large image archives, since necessary image-individual adaptations could be performed automatically by the agents.